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Origin of the Name of Valentine’s Day

Time always flies, and 2012 Valentine’s Day is approaching! Maybe some valentines have already begun to make romantic plans for the day. Chocolate, romance, rose, and honeysweet love, it’s really a big day to look forward to. Xoxo…
However, do you know the mystery why our ancestors name February 14th as Valentine’s Day? Let’s figure it out now.

An ancient legend goes, there’s a youthful roman Christian missionary named Valentine who faced adventure to spread the Christianity and be arrested. Though Valentine got jailed, but his braveness deeply moved an old jailor and his blind daughter, so Valentine gained considerable care from them. Before execution, Valentine wrote a letter to express affectionate love to the blind girl. On the executing day, the blind girl cultivated an apricot tree to convey her peerless affection to Valentine. The day is just February 14th! In the late 9th century, Valentine was widely recognized as the name of lovers’ day. On the traditional Valentine’s Day, some people send gifts to their beloved girls or boys, or some love birds choose to get married on the day.

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