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Online & Offline Ways to Distribute Page Flipping Publications

While many traditional publishers have already shifted their focus to digital publishing industry, many corporations also plan to engage customers via digital publications. If you created some page flipping e-publications like magazine, brochure, catalog, or newspapers via Kvisoft page flip software aiming to extend your brand and attract customers, then the following marketing methods will be very helpful for you.

1. Show publications on website

For friends who own a website, it is easy to upload the page flipping publications as a way to show their products and service. Compared with traditional publication, not only can digital publications help you save printing cost, but also can hook and engage your web visitors via a comfortable reading experience. Learn more how to upload digital publication to website.

2. Share digital publication on Dropbox

If you have no website, Dropbox is a free and nice site for you to share your digital editions online with the world. Get more about how to publish flipbook on Dropbox.

3. Show page-flip publications on WordPress blog

It is reported that WordPress is the most popular blogging tools widely used all over the world, and millions of people love to visit blog to get tips, solutions and other information in blog entries. This is definitely a good place for you to extend market, see tips about how to upload page flip books to WordPress.

4. Display e-publications on Facebook

It has been announced that Facebook has more than 955 millions of users until this June, and numerous people are used to sharing moods and messages with their friends on Facebook. There is a big market! If you have created a flipping publication with Kvisoft flipbook software, you can easily upload it to Facebook by following this tutorial.

5. Other sharing methods

Except the above online methods, you can also distribute your digital publications by some other methods like sending flipping book via USB, Email, Bluetooth and more.

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