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Must-Know Tips Before Making eBooks

As you know ebook becomes a hot topic along with the development of digital publishing industry and internet technology, and there is a huge business opportunity here. According to statistics, now the proportion of ebook sale in total book sales has already exceeded 20% what equals about $2.8 billion.

However, it’s far more beyond huge sales. Making a page flipping ebook is also a good way to show your knowledge, business and

brand. It can provide your potential customers a channel to know your products, service as well as other acquisitions. If you are planning to become a self-publisher and make ebooks for online presentation, possibly you may need several tips about how to choose a proper topic. Then the below entry helps:

Check the search volume

Before you make any determination and writing work, you can use Google Adwords Tool to check the popularity of your ebook title or keyword. Once you entered the keyword, the search demand, competition degree and referral keywords can also be listed for you.

Estimate the amount of competitors

If you plan to make ebooks for selling on online bookstore like Amazon, then you’d better make clear how many competitors you have to compete with in the near future. Now you can make full use of the search function of Amazon to seek your competitors. If there were some well-known competitors in the searching results, then it would be hard to break out of the fierce situation.

Surpass your competitors by analytics

Search keyword in Amazon to find the best sellers which are similar to the one you plan to write, you will discover the top ranked ebooks. Don’t leave away after just a glance! From the brief description, title, price and images of competitors’ ebooks, you can learn a lot including both advantages and drawbacks.

If you follow these tips, you will make a good preparation for ebook writing. If you are interested in creating page flipping ebooks, then you can learn more about flip book software for Mac.

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