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What Makes A Marketing Effective Catalog?

Catalog, brochure and flyers may be the most widely used documents in office. They are also the constant source for clients to learn your brand and products. A well-formatted and attractive document makes it easier for people to order from you. If you want to get more catalog views, then the below tips will help you create a marketing effective catalog easily:

Key Points for Creating Catalogs:thinking

1. Layout and Length

Comparing with a lengthy document, the short and brief one is more popular among readers. There are more readers who read news via smartphone, Android devices and APPs, their screen interface is smaller than PC readers, so a short and well-designed catalog is more convenient for readers to handle.

2. Enticing Name and Description

A catalog of enticing title usually gets higher hits. If you create digital catalog with Kvisoft flip catalog software, it will enable you customize title and Meta settings for created page turning catalogs which is SEO-friendly and searchable in search engines.

3. Attach a Coupon

Coupon is a nice article to make your catalog more enticing, this may direct catalog viewers to follow your lead and buy your products.

4. Insert Video and Images

Rich media like images and videos are good elements to bring your digital catalogs to life, which can also make your products and sales promotion visualized.

5. Easy Sharing

People are used to recommend some unique news and stories to their Friends. This may help you draw more readers. So a shortcut for easy sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc will make sense.

If have decided to create a marketing effective catalog, this Flip Book Maker will make it easy for you.

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