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Kvisoft Flipbook Maker Supports Multiple Languages

Shenzhen, China, June 13th, 2012.  Kviosft releases the newest version of Flipbook Maker 3.6.0 which is a powerful digital publishing software for creating page flipping epublications of multi-language supprted interface.

The newly launched Flipbook Maker stands out the old version with some highlighted features like multiple language support, various zoom features, mini mode, reflection effect and much more functions. The key feature multi-language support will allow you to create 3D page turning ebooks, e-magazines, catalogue, brochure etc of multilingual user interface, so that your audience can easily switch the flipbook interface to preferred language during online reading.

What’s new in Flipbook Maker?

1. Users are allowed to select installation language.

2. Allows users to customize flipbook interface with multiple inbuilt languages (English, Japanese, French, German, Arabic and Italian) and self-added languages.

3. It allows users to customize the flipbook button name.

4. Reads can easily switch the language-mode of flipbook interface while reading online.

5.  More flexible zoom functionalities are added, including mousewheel zoom, double-click zoom and so forth.

6. Allow to decorate flipping publications with realistic reflection effect.

7. Easy to set the width and height of the output SWF flipbook .

Key Multi-language Benefits:

1. Flip book software installation has been made easier than before for people of different languages.

2. For flipping ebook users, they can create flipbook of various languages-supported interface so that the published flipbook can be handled easily for readers in different countries online.

3. Make flipbook buttons more satisfactory meeting localized language culture.

4. Make published flipbook more international and accessible online, as the worldwide readers can switch flipbook interface to their mother tongue or preferred language.

Take a free try of Kvisoft digital magazine software and create an animated flipping magazine to highlight your product presentations right now!


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