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Interesting Story about Christmas

What a perfect idea that celebrating Christmas with kids to read interesting stories! Imm kidding. However, there’re many funny Christmas stories what kids love so much. Check the following selection of popular Christmas fairytales, maybe your kids or friends like them.

Bipper and Wick: it’s a story wrote by Artie Knapp, which tells a Christmas story between Bipper (the youngest and smallest bear in his family) and Wick (a little dog). View whole details of the story at URL: http://bit.ly/uLzuFy.

A Christmas Carol: it’s a novel wrote by Charles Dickens, which tells the soul story of Ebenezer Scrooge’s emotional and ethical changes from a cold personality to warm-hearted person during Christmas. Share the story at: http://bit.ly/uYLbsP.

A Christmas Fairy: the story wrote by John Strange Winter is a famous and interesting Christmas short story for kids. URL: http://bit.ly/ugee8g.

Santa Claus’s Letter: While Christmas comes; two kids Jamie and Ted start to write letters to Santa Claus. What’s strange, the two kids ask Santa the same question. View at: http://bit.ly/sqk0jh.

Grandma’s Christmas Gifts: The small story tells about grandma Burn sending gifts to two small poor boys. View at http://bit.ly/tfl7Rr.

Except these short Christmas fairy tales, you are safe to read more Christmas stories at http://bit.ly/rHqBv7.

Childhood is the happinest season of life, and Christmas is the biggest festival for kids. Kids are lovely with pure and watery eyes, maybe only those interesting fairytales can match their naive heart. While Christmas is singing on the corner, why not prepare a story-Christmas for your kids? Christmas is the happinest holiday for them, so let’s create more fun and joys for your lovely children by Kvisoft flipping book maker, which is helpful to design page-flipping Christmas card!

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