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Four Golden Tips to Create Impressive E Brochure – Kvisoft

Brochure plays an important part in advertising and promotion in all ages. In an era of the internet and digital publishing, the e-brochure plays an increasing role to deliver business news to all sorts of end users on PC, Smartphone, Tablet and other portable devices. As electronic brochure can integrate with multimedia contents and social sharing sites, its versatility and interactivity can bring readers a wonderful experience so that it’s effective in encouraging people to share and leading customers to buy online.

No matter you’re running a business of physical goods or digital products, an impressive e-catalog will a necessity to promote your business online for the sake of reaching more possible customers. When you design digital brochures, here are some essential tips you must take into consideration:

1. Determine Purpose of Creating E-brochure

Before start designing an eBrochure of your business, first and foremost we must determine what’s our goal of creating this digital brochure such as promote discounted products, announce company events, hold contest and etc. Only bear this in mind, can we make a digital brochure which can motivate readers to respond accordingly.

2. Make E Brochure Interesting to Read with Story

In most cases, readers often close promotional news directly as people are often annoyed by countless ads. To prevent this occasion, it’s essential to make our electronic brochure interesting to read. People hate advertisements but don’t dislike exciting stories. A story-telling brochure can often entice readers to learn more even they are busy at that time. By using links or learn more, we can tactfully add company information or product news on proper position by using external links. You can easily add links to e-brochure anywhere as you like.

3. Showcase Promotional Products Visually and Lively

If the digital brochure aims to promote products, then we need to show discounts, original price, discount price, product uses, time left, more information links clearly and noticeably which will effectively increase the chance of purchase. Besides, it’s essential to make products more visualized with pictures and videos which can bring readers a realistic in-store purchasing experience with 360 degree perspective. See how to embed multimedia into digital brochures.

4. Make Your Digital Brochure Easy to Share

We can never ignore the power of social share sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and etc. To make it convenient for readers to share interesting and useful news with their friends, colleagues and families, it is of the essence of integrating electronic brochure with multiple social sharing channels, Email and etc. Kvisoft digital publishing tool will offer you an simple way of creating e-brochure which can integrate with all popular social sharing channels. The digital brochures made by Kvisoft Flash/HTML5 FlipBook Creator even can be embedded on Facebook page directly instead of a link!

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