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Enhance Mobile E-Commerce – Create Mobile-Friendly HTML5 Ecatalog

More online store owners publish e-catalogs in HTML5 format with hope of reaching more potential customers who use mobile and tablet devices. Do you know why HTML5 ebook or other editions become sizzling in digital publishing area? The below statistics and facts will show you the reasons.

Why Create Mobile-Friendly Presentations Such as E-Catalogue?

1. Rapid growth rate in mobile e-commerce sales
In the past four years from 2010 to 2013, the annual sales volume of mobile e-commerce grew about 18 times from 2.2 billion to 42.8 billion, the USA e-commerce statistics made by Custora shows. The 2014 first quarter sales has already reached to 12.2 billion and it estimates the total sales will grow up to 50 billion which would be another new peak.

2. More online store traffic from mobile devices
36.9% of online store traffic were from mobile device users in first quarter of 2014, while it was only 3.4% in first quarter of 2010. It was nearly a 11-fold increase, the Custora report shows.

3. Common mobile usage in everyday life
Mobile device is portable and light in weight and mobile device users can do almost everything that desktop users do, so more people use mobile as the primary tool to get news, product reviews, product coupons, study material and etc. The Digitalbuzz statistics show that 91% of global people have a mobile phone, 50% of mobile phone owners surf internet via mobile devices.

From the above datas, you will find that there are unlimited sales opportunities among mobile device users.

Why Publish E-catalog as HTML5 Format?

HTML5 is the new markup language for structuring and presenting digital content online. On the basis of new features of HTML5, plugins and API such as Adobe Flash will no longer be an indispensible tool for include video, audio, animations etc on internet.
Both Android and Apple(iOS) which are the top two mobile operating systems discontinued the usage of flash on mobile devices, HTML5 has become the new digital publishing format. By using mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android mobile phones and etc, people can easily read any HTML5 formatted multimedia content such as catalog on internet.

Best Software for Making HTML5 Catalogs of Page Turning Animation

To search in Google with FlipBook Maker, you will find most of the programs are not really HTML5 supported. Please feel free to make flipbook in HTML5 format by using Kvisoft FlipBook Maker, it’s intuitive and powerful. See the page flipping e-catalogue demos here.

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