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Ebook Maker Software Helps You Make Ebooks Out of Various Documents

With the good features of some ebook maker software such as Kvisoft FlipBook Maker, you will can easily make your own favorite ebooks on your desktop, Mac or laptop. No matter you’re a writer, editor, publisher, teacher, marketer and etc, you can make stunning ebooks out of various files. What’s more interesting, the ebooks made by the software can have charming book page flipping effect.

Make Your Own Ebook with Ebook Maker Software within 4 Easy Steps

1. Import PDF/MS Word/PowerPoint into the ebook making softwareflip-book

Once you have created an ebook in Adobe InDesign or Acrobat, please save it in an extension of “.pdf”. If you have a file such as Word/PPT etc well-designed in content, layout, font and color, please don’t waste your creation to convert them into an ebook. Pease import your file into the Kvisoft FlipBook Maker Pro, you will has the flexibility to import the whole document or only part of the selected document.

2. Make an ebook with customizable template suited to your company style and ebook theme

After the files are imported, you will have the option to enrich ebook with a free built-in template. There are various choices for you such as Christmas-themed template, scenery templates, childish templates and many more in the Kvisoft ebook creator software.

3. Add interactive content such as video, audio, links, text into ebook

From the interface of Kvisoft ebook software, you can take notice of the edit page option, from where you have the option to make ebook content more interactive with rich media.

4. Publish ebook to multiple formats

Hit Publish button, you can output ebook in different formats to a specified path. If you have a web server, please publish ebook to HTML format with the ebook making software and then publish it on web for reaching both tablet, mobile and PC readers.

Unique Functions That Kvisoft Ebook Maker Have

Different from other flipping ebook making software, Kvisoft flipbook creator accepts almost all popular documents such as PDF, Word, PPT, Excel as well as image files, SWF files. Based on its all-in-one feature, ebook authors can have lots of options to make ebooks within the software.

If you have any question about our ebook maker software and its features, please feel free to contact our support team.

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