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Disadvantages of Free Flip Book Maker


Flipping Book Maker is useful software which allows people to transform common documents to page-turning e-books. With the powerful software, it’s easy to create beautiful and gorgeous flipping book, including Thanksgiving cards, 3D flipping book, birthday flash-flipbook, or dynamic photo album and so on. With assistance of page-flipping book maker, people don’t need to understand any flash programming scripts, only need to import documents and choose among stunning templates, set your satisfactory parameters, and then Flipping Book Maker does the rest.

Usually, the powerful software is priced about 70 dollars, such as Kvisoft flipping book maker. Good things always price themselves with a reasonable price. But recently, I’ve found some free flipping book maker, such as Free Flip Maker 2.0. It’s true that it offers a totally free download, but the freeware looks slightly out-dated and causes some problems during using.

Disadvantages of Free Page Flip Book Maker:

First off, the freeware doesn’t allow people to import PDF document, PowerPoint and photos while the freeware places these buttons on the user interface. If you click these buttons, you will be connected to purchase official version of flipping book maker. It’s useless button but an invisible advertisement!

Second, the freeware requires an installment which will let users’ computer at super risk. During installing, computers may be infected by some mystical spywares, dangerous viruses or Trojan horse. If the bad situation comes, users’ privacy will be at risk. More terribly, these risks may be passed over to your friends’ computers. That’s horrible!

Third, it’s complicated to design a page-flipping masterpiece. There are nearly dozens of parameters needing people to set; the flipbook creating process is indeed time-consuming. And the theme templates, background and flash styles are limited while the flash template setting needs people to import. Privately to say, it’s not a user-friendly yet intuitive freeware.

If you really plan to design a creative flipping book easily, try converting tools such as Kvisoft Flipping Book Maker. It provides a customized and intuitive interface and countless captivating flashes; the software is good value for cost.

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