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Seven Useful Data Loss Prevention Tips

Why You Need Data Loss Prevention Tips?

Computer has already become an essential tool for daily life and work. Because of its great convenience in file creation, edition, storage and sharing, computer plays an important role in modern file management. With a lot of precious files storing on your computer hard drive, actually it’s not as safe as you thought that your valuable files are always on the edge of loss. There are various reasons causing data loss, such as:

. Virus attack             . Accidental file deletiondata lost

. Wrong partition       . Accidental format

. Powerful failure       . Operating system or hard drive crash

. System reinstallation…

There are more data loss reasons. It’s really annoying when important files got lost from computer disk. So why not avoid data loss by following the below data loss prevention tips? If you need to recover lost files on Mac, please check the linked guide.

Effective Ways to Prevent Data Loss

1. Never store datas on boot drive

It’s not a wise choice to select the boot drive where you installed the operating system as the file saving location. When you have to reinstall the operating system, upgrade system, format boot drive and etc, the files stored on boot drive may easily get lost in these circumstances. This is an important data loss protection point.

2. Backup files regularly

Regularly backup is another effective data loss prevention tip. It is recommend to backup precious information or important files on an external hard drive or other safe data storage device at fixed periods. Following it, it can prevent you away from terrible data loss scenarios as you have a backup copy always.

3. Good computer operating habit

Success lies in details. This sentence can also be applied to prevent data loss. In digital life, some tiny behaviors may keep you away from annoying data loss disasters. Take some details for example:

a. Check twice before you delete any file or empty recycle bin.

b. Keep file name unique, and confirm carefully when you replace any file.

c. Remember to shut down computer when you leave home or office…

4. Take a handcopy of some important files

For important digital reports, articles, archives and etc, you’d better keep a printed duplicate in hand. Even if the digital copy has been lost, you still have a paper copy containing all the contents. At least, you don’t need to take hours to recollect thoughts and material.

5. Choose a professional anti-virus software

Some malicious programs such as Trojan, worm, malware and etc may harm our computer and cause data loss. In order to prevent file loss, you can choose a professional anti-virus software to help you detect and delete virus. Before you download software and receive E-mail attachments, please do open the anti-virus program as it can effectively stop your computer away from virus.

6. Put computer in a proper space

This data loss prevention tip is easy but computer users often forget it. Physical accident is another common cause of file loss, so that’s the reason why we need to keep computer in a dry and dustless space, which is far away from soup, drink, water and other items. Not only can it extend the life of computer, but also avoid hardware damage caused file loss.

7. Avoid computer from uninterrupted power

Without saying, the unstable power supply will damage the computer hard disk and lead to unexpected system shutdown. Both the two points can cause data loss. So the battery backup system will make sense in preventing data loss.

Are the data loss prevention tips helpful? For friends who have already lost files, you can download Mac file recovery software to get lost data back.

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