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Why Create Table of Content for Page Flipping Ebooks?

TOC, short for table of content, is widely used in books for listing book content in page order. With the widely use of bookmark in page turning ebooks, a lot of people consider that table of content is no longer a necessary component for ebooks. Without table of contents, people can also use bookmarks to navigate from one chapter to the next part.

However, the presence of everything has its truth. Actually, table of content has many other practical uses except easy navigation. Let’s see what the benefits of table of content are:

Why table of content is important for a book?

1. Easy navigation

Although bookmark is widely used in ebooks, a large portion of readers are still used to scanning table of contents before reading books. An ebook with well-formed table of contents usually can offer a lot of convenience for people when they are searching for information.

2. Helpful to clear thoughts writing

For beginning writers who are planning to write a full-length novel, they may feel that a novel looks like a difficult task and don’t know how to get out of turbid thoughts. In case like this, a table of content will be very helpful in disassembling a long novel into smaller parts and putting various plots in order.

3. People judge book content via table of content

For a book, the table of content is the most intuitive way to express book structure. So for friends who are selling ebooks online or searching book publishers, a perfect table of content is exceedingly important as readers and agents may judge its quality from TOC.

Create a table of content for page flipping books

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