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How to Create a HTML Webpage from PDF?

Do you want to create a real webpage of your own but don’t know how to proceed? No worries, you’ll find the solutions here. This tutorial will show you how to create a HTML webpage step by step from your PDF files. More magically, you can make a HTML webpage with fascinating animations and flash by mouse clicks.

How to create a HTML document?

Things needed for creating HTML document: PDF document, images or videos (which you want to display on webpage); install free trial of Kvisoft Flipbook Maker.

Step 1: import PDF files into Flipbook Maker. The HTML creator allows you to import PDF, FLV video and photos by clicking Add PDF/Photo/FLV button.

Step2: customize your HTML document with flash, music and animation. No programming knowledge needed! You can just make it by clicking on your favorite template and dynamic effect, as all the 3D animations and flash are already provided for you.

Step3: convert your PDF or images to HTML document. The Kvisoft Flipbook Maker allows you to output your file as flexible formats, including SWF, HTML, EXE and Email to others. If HTML webpage is your ultimate goal, you just need to click on HTML, and then you will output not only a HTML file but also a page flipping SWF file.

How to upload your HTML file on Internet?

I believe the main reason why you create HTML document is about sharing your file with friends or worldwide people. So you need to upload your HTML file to a website that others can share your news on the webpage. We suggest you the following two methods:

1. Upload HTML file to Google Site, view tutorial-URL: http://bit.ly/uyTM2d.

2. Upload HTML files to WordPress, and the URL of tutorial is: http://bit.ly/ubyTEQ.

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