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Christmas Surprise-3D Animated Christmas Card

Started counting down Christmas? I saw some friends were racking their brains about what kind of greeting card to send. So if you guys stuck with the similar question, why not stop your Google search here? Hereof, you can get the best Christmas card suggestion-3D page flipping Christmas card which will surprise the recipients.

What does 3D Christmas card look like? It’s a special e-card used to spread joy and love, which features vivid page turning effect, flash flipping templates, melodious background music and animations.

How to create a 3D Christmas card? You can create the kind of greeting card easily with your photos, Christmas songs or PDF files in Kvisoft Flipbook Maker. The creating process only costs about few minutes: adding files and music, customizing template and effect and publishing three dimensional Christmas e-card. You can view the step-to-step tutorial at http://bit.ly/tIMoEN.

Why both adults and children are fond of the 3D greeting ecard? It’s definitely a combination of flash, colors, cartoon and technology that reflecting unique ideas, which also exudes the infinite modern aesthetic feeling. Different from traditional paper card, the 3D card can provide the viewers with double enjoyment: visual beauty (animation, flash, and photo) and acoustic enchantment (background music). People have no choice but to marvel at the perfect expressiveness of Christmas wishes.

Hey, friends, are you interested in the page flipping 3D Christmas card? Download free trial of Flipbook Maker to create a surprise for the Happy Holiday instantly.

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