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What’s The Best Christmas Gift?

What’s the best Christmas gift? Someone may crown the nice name for world-famous jewelry, luxurious watch or fashionable dress. Indeed, anything can be the best Christmas gift if the sender poured true emotion and love into the gift. Because the most precious and priceless thing in the world is emotion and love.

As I thought, The gift of Magi is the best heartwarming Christmas gift in literature. It was a great short story written by celebrated American writer O. Henry.

Story about best Christmas gift: On the day before Christmas, poor Della who lives in a shabby apartment determines to show her husband a surprise on Christmas, but Della has only one dollar and eighty-seven cents which is impossible to purchase any fabulous Christmas gift. Therefore, Della cuts off her proud brown waterfall-like long hair and exchanges 20 dollars. After a search to every store, finally Della spends 21 dollars and hunts a plain platinum watch chain which is perfect to match Jim’s beloved gold watch. Meanwhile, Jim (the husband of Della) also plans to give her wife a big surprise and sells off his cherished gold watch. He buys back a whole suit of beautiful comb, which is the most longing thing of Della. Unfortunately, when they exchange their Christmas gifts, the gifts become into useless things for each other. Though Della and Jim receives something useless on Christmas, there have received something priceless: love.

When weather get colder and colder with Christmas’ coming, deep love and warm care absolutely are the best Christmas gift, and nothing is comparable with them. The festive season is also a season of transforming love, so why not use your true care and passion to design a page-flipping Christmas card for lover and friends?

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