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Animated Christmas Tree

It’s happy that families gathering around an evergreen tree to hang various ornaments; it’s attractive when every house is decorated with twinkling Christmas trees. Nowadays, decorating Christmas tree becomes a worldwide popularity, but not every one is clear about whole story of Christmas tree. Let’s make clear now.

Origin of Christmas Tree: It’s said the earliest Christmas tree originated from Germany. Churchman Nicolas used trees to consecrate saint baby in 8th century. After that, Germanys took December 24 as the festival of Adam and Eve, placing trees in house to stand for the tree in paradise. Meanwhile, they hung small cookies on the tree symbolizing atonement, and lightened candles to symbolize Christianism. In 16th century, in order to create a Christmas Eve with twinkling stars, Martin Luther designed a beautiful Christmas tree which was decorating with luminous candles.

Material of Christmas Tree: What kinds of trees are chosen to be Christmas trees? Abies alba, Abies nordmanniana, Abies procera, Pinus sylvestris, Picea omorika, Abies magnifica and so on are the common Christmas tree material.

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Tool for drawing an animate Christmas Tree: Colorful and sparkling Christmas trees shine everywhere; people always get indulged into the gorgeous scenery. So shimmering Christmas tree becomes an indispensable content on Christmas cards. But how can you draw a flipping and animated Christmas Tree on greeting cards? It’s easy, you only need the intuitive Kvisoft Flipping Book Maker which allows you to choose a flash flipping template and designs various animated Christmas cards.

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