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5 Tips to Make Online Brochure Captivating and Compelling

Digital brochure is an highly effective and economical tool that companies and online store owners use to attract eyeballs in such a competitive online marketplace. As there are too many e-brochures published online every day, so how do you make your online brochure eyecatching and outstanding than your competitors’? In a previous entry, we have already shared four golden tips to create impressive e-brochure with you guys. Today we will share another 5 skills that expert designers use to create digital online presentations.

Tip1. Make Full Use of Colors, Charts, Videos, Photosoutstanding online brochure

In modern life when everything goes fast, people have a lot things to do. An online digital brochure which can retain audience’s attention more than 5 seconds would be regarded as a successful work. So please make sure the brochure is comfortable and easy to read in design and content. Charts, photos and videos are visual and interactive components to replace long lines of text and stress key points.

Tip2. Directly Stand Out Customer Benefits

Your target audience will determine whether your online brochure is worth reading or not ever since they found your online brochure in search engine results. So it’s essential to enhance customer benefits at prominent positions such as webpage title, brochure cover, the beginning of brochure or etc. This will effectively arouse readers’ interest, reading demand and even purchase desire.

Tip3. Motivate Customers to Respond

Every expert brochure designer has a clear goal before start writing content and preparing materials. It may be designed to motivate readers to subscribe news, purchase service or a product, join an activity and so forth. Usually, real customer testimonials, reviews, special offer, coupon, time-limited giveaway are effective components calling for customer reaction.

Tip4. Usage of Attention-Grabbing Page Flip

Reading experience is another key point that determines how long a reader spend in reading an ebrochure online. To make your brochure an attention grabber, page flipping effect would be an innovative way. A page flippable brochure designed with captivating template will bring audience a 3D and funny digital experience. See page-turn brochure example here.

Tip5. Reading Experience on All Devices

As increasing people read news and purchase products on internet via portable devices such as smartphones, iPad, tablet and etc, a mobile-friendly web brochure definitely can get more attention with better marketing results. Before you make online brochure public, it’s better to test its compatibility and visual effect on popular mobile devices to ensure the content font size, design, photos, graphics looking perfect.

Learn how to create a ebrochure of flipping pages.

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