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4 Easy Tips to Create Eyecatching E-Catalogue

Have you ever created a digital catalogue for your featured products but received fewer viewers than you hoped for? Today, we’ll introduce you four tips about how to increase the attractiveness of product catalogue to your clients. I promise any bestselling product needs the following tips!

  1. A unique killer title for your product e-catalogue. A good title is the beginning of success! A breathing and unique title is one important element to ensure that your product catalogue has the highest chance to be viewed by your potential clients.
  2. Make product description easy to understand for your readers. If you aim to let your customers spend time in reading your product catalogue, you must write a brief but refined product description. The description shouldn’t too long or too abstract!
  3. Use product pictures and sound to highlight unique features of your product. A remarkable product catalogue is always composed of high resolution photos which can fully reflect the lightspot of your products. Photo is one key point to trigger sales! Besides, you might as well add some melodious music to standout your product.
  4. Create a special catalogue which can give a nice impression to your readers. Maybe this point looks a little abstract. Concretely speaking, you can try to add some flash, animations, dynamic effect into your e-catalogue. Because these special effects can grab eyeballs and lead a deep impression to your readers.

Now we have figured out secrets about how to create eye-catching product catalogue. Let’s apply these golden tips into creating e-catalogue.

What’s the best software for creating most eye-catching catalogue? If you expect to increase the viewers and sharing of your product catalogue, you can download free trial of Kvisoft Flipbook Maker, which is a professional tool in designing page flipping catalogue. With this tool, you can simply convert your ordinary PDF catalogue into amazing 3D e-catalogues. It allows you to embed pictures, music, hyperlink, company logo into product catalogue. What’s more, some built-in dynamic templates, animations, attractive effect are ready for you to DIY unique digital catalogue. It takes minutes to create eye-catching catalogue. Why not have a try?

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