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Enrich Your Website with Search Engine Friendly Flash E-publications

When you plan to bring your web content to life, you might need to embed some images, flash etc to enrich website content, but worry about that the flash components are not search engine friendly. But now you can get a solution from digital publishing software.

Kvisoft promise you that your 3D flash contents can be easily in indexed by search engines as new scoops. By Kvisoft digital publishing software, you can create flash page flipping e-brochures, e-books, e-magazines, flyers etc with your existing files, including PDF, images and flash videos.

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How to Set Zoom Factor for Output Flash Flipbook?

After converted PDF documents to flash flipbook, some friends may found that the tiny and small fonts on flippable pages are hard to see clearly. So you might want to zoom in or zoom out the flipbook content freely on iPad, iPhone or ereaders to ensure more comfortable reading, in case like this, the Kvisoft turning page software will provide you an easy way to create zoomable flipbooks, and the professional flipbook tool also allows you to define zoom factor to control zoom in or zoom out level to meet your needs. Continue reading “How to Set Zoom Factor for Output Flash Flipbook?” »

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