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Origin of the Name of Valentine’s Day

Time always flies, and 2012 Valentine’s Day is approaching! Maybe some valentines have already begun to make romantic plans for the day. Chocolate, romance, rose, and honeysweet love, it’s really a big day to look forward to. Xoxo…
However, do you know the mystery why our ancestors name February 14th as Valentine’s Day? Let’s figure it out now. Continue reading “Origin of the Name of Valentine’s Day” »

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Let Flipping Photo Magazine Unfold Love Story and Romance

Turn over the old photo album, you may dissolved into the memory of strolling along the lake leisurely hand in hand with your beloved girl or boy, the moments that you and she exchange the matters of heart in soft spring breeze, the fresh reminiscence that you give her an affectionate kiss on her birthday party…

What a beautiful life! Life is composed by chains of romantic love stories. Every time when we touch the delicate photo album and flip the front cover, it seems that the past wonderful occasions would repeat again in our heart. Nice, just let it continue!

Captured tons of fabulous photos what record your old times? Don’t lose a chance to turn your memorable photos into a charm. You can easily design a vintage photo magazine of great eternality with your photos. Green leaves serve as a foil to beautiful blossoms, the page flipping photo magazine definitely can be the foil of your love story and memorable romance. Continue reading “Let Flipping Photo Magazine Unfold Love Story and Romance” »

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Free Online Booklet Creator-Simplebooklet

Many friends may want to insert video, music and other elements into business booklets to make it easily understandable for readers. Except professional page flip creator of Kvisoft, now you have another free online booklet creator: Simplebooklet.

Simplebooklet is an online free service which can help you create online digital booklet with ease. It’s an intuitive tool that supports insert video, text, pictures, file, code, music or webpage into output digital booklet. Simplebooklet also allows you to set the style of final digital booklets, such as element border, background, layer up and layer down, hyperlink and rotate etc. After designing, you can share your designed work to personal blog, Facebook, Twitter or keep it as a private one.

As Simplebooklet is a free service, so the output booklet cannot turn pages with realistic page flipping effect. If you want to enjoy more features of Simplebooklet, you need to upgrade and pay for it. Continue reading “Free Online Booklet Creator-Simplebooklet” »

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Share Your Life Story as a Page Flipping Book

Sean Paul, a famous writer of German, has ever written some very interesting words: life looks like a book, stupid guys turn over its pages carelessly, but smart people would read it very carefully. Because the smart know that we only have one chance to flip the pages of book of life. Life is like a page flipping book! Continue reading “Share Your Life Story as a Page Flipping Book” »

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New Scoop-Page Flip Creator Comes into the World

A more powerful page flip creator has already been released at the beginning of New Year 2012! We’re happy to share the good news with you guys. Come and .see what’s the new spotlight and what conveniences you can get from it. Continue reading “New Scoop-Page Flip Creator Comes into the World” »

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Convert Your Wedding Photos into a Page Flipping Magazine

Wedding must be the biggest affair of everyone’s life. You must have photographed some classic moments on your wedding. So what do you want to do with your wedding photos? Don’t lay aside your images; let’s make something fabulous with your photos. Continue reading “Convert Your Wedding Photos into a Page Flipping Magazine” »

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4 Easy Tips to Create Eyecatching E-Catalogue

Have you ever created a digital catalogue for your featured products but received fewer viewers than you hoped for? Today, we’ll introduce you four tips about how to increase the attractiveness of product catalogue to your clients. I promise any bestselling product needs the following tips! Continue reading “4 Easy Tips to Create Eyecatching E-Catalogue” »

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How to Split PDF File to Smaller Files?

You guys who use PDF frequently may often meet questions like this: you may create a PDF document, but you find that it was a big strain when you email it to others or share on social website, because it’s too large. Hereof, I’ll introduce you two handy solutions to split multiple-page PDF document into smaller files. No need of programming skills!

Solution1: split PDF freely online. PDFSplit is free online services who can split any large PDF file into one or more pieces. Continue reading “How to Split PDF File to Smaller Files?” »

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How to Convert Your PDF into Page Turning Magazine Swiftly?

My last post introduced you some excellent free PDF to page flipping ebook converters. These free PDF tools provide you some rudimentary functions of flipbook maker. But if you want to create a flipping book or magazine which is enriched with sound, pictures, links, video, brand logo, or animations, please look stick around to get more details.

PDF to animated magazine: nowadays, PDF is the most commonly used document format. With PDF files, you can create stunning digital publications with iconic page turning effect and fascinating template, which can be emailed and quickly shared. Such digital magazines are widely used by marketers in promotion and advertising, because it can attract maximum attentions of clients. Continue reading “How to Convert Your PDF into Page Turning Magazine Swiftly?” »

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Best Free Online PDF to Flash Flip Page Converters

I guess most friends want to convert your PDF books into flash page flipping ebooks, which can enable you a wonderful reading. It’s really nice to read an interesting book with animated flash! However, you may get a headache to pick out the most suitable software to help you convert PDF into flash page flipping books freely. But now I will introduce you some useful and user-friendly online freeware to convert PDF into page flipping ebooks.

The following are some free services for converting PDF into digital flipbooks. But if you want to hunt more professional and powerful flipbook creator, you can try Kvisoft Flipbook Maker. It offers countless stunning templates and enhanced functions. Continue reading “Best Free Online PDF to Flash Flip Page Converters” »

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