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Happy New Year

Hello, dear friends,

This is the last afternoon of  2011; This is the daybreak of 2012.

I’m so excited, how about you?

Hope that the New Year brings joys, continued happiness and love in your everyday life!

Yours, sincerely Continue reading “Happy New Year” »

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Create a New Year Greeting Card to Boom 2012 Business

Today is the last day of 2011, tomorrow is the beginning of 2012. It’s a time to unfold new year joys and wishes. It’s a great time to make a plan for New Year lifestyle, career and business. If you are racking your brain to build a brighter future for your business, we think you’d better not miss a chance to greet your clients on New Year.

New Year needs a fresh start! You can take Flipbook Maker to design a unique New Year card to greet customers, which is a nice tool that can let you win at the starting line. Continue reading “Create a New Year Greeting Card to Boom 2012 Business” »

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Convert PDF to Flash Flipping Magazine

Maybe stacks of PDF files are waiting for you to read, but it seems that you’re not in good mood to read these prosaic documents occasionally. So why not let a Flipbook Maker to help you change monotonous reading into something interesting? You’ll enjoy it!

Imagine a book can automatically turn pages with a dynamic page flipping effect, dulcet music and fascinating animations. It definitely can bring much fun to daily reading. Continue reading “Convert PDF to Flash Flipping Magazine” »

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How to Create a HTML Webpage from PDF?

Do you want to create a real webpage of your own but don’t know how to proceed? No worries, you’ll find the solutions here. This tutorial will show you how to create a HTML webpage step by step from your PDF files. More magically, you can make a HTML webpage with fascinating animations and flash by mouse clicks.

How to create a HTML document? Continue reading “How to Create a HTML Webpage from PDF?” »

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Some Free PDF to Excel Converters

For many occasions, you may need to convert PDF files into Excel, such as sales volume document, price list or company statement. So we listed many totally free PDF to XLS converters hereof.

Free online PDF to Excel: It’s the swiftest way, which you can convert PDF documents for free without downloading any converter from Internet or having to install program on your computer. What you need to do is just selecting the file which you want to convert and opening your mailbox to get the converted file. Continue reading “Some Free PDF to Excel Converters” »

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5 Free PDF to Word Converters

PDF is a popular way that people share information and read books. Sometimes you want to edit an interesting PDF document, but it’s not so easy to handle. How to edit your PDF files without spending a lot in purchasing a PDF editor? You just need a free PDF to word converter. In order to help you a little, we collected some easy-to-use yet intuitive freeware hereof. Continue reading “5 Free PDF to Word Converters” »

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Unique New Year Greeting Card

The Christmassy holiday is still celebrated everywhere, and another holiday New Year comes. It seems that we always have too many big days to celebrate. If you missed a chance to send a nice gift to your friends or customers on Christmas, you can also give them a gift to surprise them on New Year. Continue reading “Unique New Year Greeting Card” »

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Merry Christmas

To everyone:

Have an ideal Christmas, and wish you lots of happiness, joy and love!

Listen, the jingle bells are singing the best wishes;

Look, the fluttering snowflakes are transmiting my sincere blessings to you!

Merry Christmas, my dear friends!

Yours, sincerely Continue reading “Merry Christmas” »

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Christmas Surprise-3D Animated Christmas Card

Started counting down Christmas? I saw some friends were racking their brains about what kind of greeting card to send. So if you guys stuck with the similar question, why not stop your Google search here? Hereof, you can get the best Christmas card suggestion-3D page flipping Christmas card which will surprise the recipients.

What does 3D Christmas card look like? It’s a special e-card used to spread joy and love, which features vivid page turning effect, flash flipping templates, melodious background music and animations. Continue reading “Christmas Surprise-3D Animated Christmas Card” »

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How to Select Christmas Gifts for Loved Ones?

When it comes to select the best Christmas gifts, it’s important to bear in mind that the best Xmas gift is as unique as the person receiving it. A unique gift is the most memorable demonstration of intimate personal connection. When you walk out to search the perfect greeting card and Xmas gift, please do keep the recipient’s interests and needs in heart.

How to choose Christmas gift for loved boy? Purchasing present for men is definitely quite challenging. If you’re aiming to figuring out what’s the most wanted thing of a man, it’s always right to detect his hobbies and individual passions. If your beloved guy is a celebrity fan, so try to secure two tickets and watch the celebrity’s performance with him. If your man is a humorous one, maybe a funny joke or amusing item which can make him laughs is enough. Continue reading “How to Select Christmas Gifts for Loved Ones?” »

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