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Animated Christmas Tree

It’s happy that families gathering around an evergreen tree to hang various ornaments; it’s attractive when every house is decorated with twinkling Christmas trees. Nowadays, decorating Christmas tree becomes a worldwide popularity, but not every one is clear about whole story of Christmas tree. Let’s make clear now. Continue reading “Animated Christmas Tree” »

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Interesting Story about Christmas

What a perfect idea that celebrating Christmas with kids to read interesting stories! Imm kidding. However, there’re many funny Christmas stories what kids love so much. Check the following selection of popular Christmas fairytales, maybe your kids or friends like them.

Bipper and Wick: it’s a story wrote by Artie Knapp, which tells a Christmas story between Bipper (the youngest and smallest bear in his family) and Wick (a little dog). View whole details of the story at URL: http://bit.ly/uLzuFy. Continue reading “Interesting Story about Christmas” »

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What’s The Best Christmas Gift?

What’s the best Christmas gift? Someone may crown the nice name for world-famous jewelry, luxurious watch or fashionable dress. Indeed, anything can be the best Christmas gift if the sender poured true emotion and love into the gift. Because the most precious and priceless thing in the world is emotion and love.

As I thought, The gift of Magi is the best heartwarming Christmas gift in literature. It was a great short story written by celebrated American writer O. Henry. Continue reading “What’s The Best Christmas Gift?” »

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How to Choose Best Gift for Christmas?

With 2011 coming to an end and 2012 arrives soon, everyone gets a busy life in the festive season. So sending gift to friends becomes a common frustration for people. “Which one is her favourite?” “What kind of dolls the kids like?” The similar questions perplex countless people around us.

Everything is difficult at the beginning, but if you set a standard or a plan firstly, then things will get easy to handling, and choosing gift goes the same way. In order to make choosing gift easier, I offered several standards here for you to have an easy shopping season.
How to choose the best Christmas gifts? Continue reading “How to Choose Best Gift for Christmas?” »

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Santa Claus of Christmas

Santa Claus is the said person who brings stunning gifts to kids on Christmas Eve. It’s a well-known character with legendary and historical aspects. People usually also names Santa Claus as Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, or Kris Kringle.

The image of Santa Claus: Generally, Santa Claus is depicted as a kind-hearted man who is a plump, jolly, and wearing long white beard. The typical style of Father Christmas goes with a snow-white cuffed coat and trousers, and also black leather and boots. The image is especially popular in America and Canada. Continue reading “Santa Claus of Christmas” »

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4 Free Christmas Card Maker

With the approach of 2011Christmas, sending greeting cards or gifts to friends is more and more popular. Christmas card is definitely a funny and creative way to express your wishes to your beloved ones. We know you’re expecting to bring some surprises and joys to your friends, so why not get clues from the following free tools of designing Christmas Cards?

1.Free Christmas Card Creator: the free card maker  allows you to choose satisfactory fonts, background color, font color, Christmas themed pictures and layouts, while you can add message and lovely expressions. Besides, there’re animated pictures for you to choose. This online Christmas card maker is free and easy to use. Share URL: http://bit.ly/rInZmx. Continue reading “4 Free Christmas Card Maker” »

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4 Free Converters of PDF to HTML

If people have a PDF file which they want place on internet, definitely you can upload the PDF file to a website. But sometimes, you expect to change the document into an authentic webpage that everyone can share the information directly on the page. Now the following 6 tools can help you to convert your PDF document to HTML. Check these useful converters!

1.LotApps Free PDF to HTML Converter: The freeware can quickly convert PDF files to HTML files, while it preserves the original layouts, fonts, content, pictures and hyperlinks. You can share your PDF file with friends or other people as an informative webpage. URL: http://bit.ly/vfXJX6. Continue reading “4 Free Converters of PDF to HTML” »

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Story about Christmas Traditions

As you see, everyone is busy getting ready for Christmas! So do you know the origins of various Christmas traditions while you are preparing for the big holiday? There are countless Christmas traditions in countries around the world. And they are different from countries to countries. Check the most popular traditions here: Continue reading “Story about Christmas Traditions” »

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Solutions of PDF Problems

The follow are some problems I looked on PDF forums, we hope these information can help you a little during PDF use.

Problem 1: When people open PDF documents, they receive an error message which goes “Error reading linearized hint data” and the file couldn’t be opened.
Solution: If you receive this massage, it means that you’re applying Acrobat version 5. The similar error doesn’t happen also in Adobe Reader 6.0. Try to open menu and change the entry to status “allow fast web view”. Save the settings and open your file by reopening web browser, it’s okay. Continue reading “Solutions of PDF Problems” »

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Disadvantages of Free Flip Book Maker


Flipping Book Maker is useful software which allows people to transform common documents to page-turning e-books. With the powerful software, it’s easy to create beautiful and gorgeous flipping book, including Thanksgiving cards, 3D flipping book, birthday flash-flipbook, or dynamic photo album and so on. With assistance of page-flipping book maker, people don’t need to understand any flash programming scripts, only need to import documents and choose among stunning templates, set your satisfactory parameters, and then Flipping Book Maker does the rest.

Usually, the powerful software is priced about 70 dollars, such as Kvisoft flipping book maker. Good things always price themselves with a reasonable price. But recently, I’ve found some free flipping book maker, such as Free Flip Maker 2.0. It’s true that it offers a totally free download, but the freeware looks slightly out-dated and causes some problems during using. Continue reading “Disadvantages of Free Flip Book Maker” »

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